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Banking Seo And Digital Marketing Services For Fintech

Creating Custom Digital Marketing & Banking SEO Plans That Bring Customers to Your Business

People who are ready to open a new financial account turn to the internet to see the best bank that matches their needs. Our banking SEO experts can help you get noticed.


Looking to increase your web presence to bring in more customers? Our banking SEO specialists can get your company to the top of the search engine results in no time.

Seo And Digital Marketing Agency For Banks And Fintechs
Seo And Digital Marketing Agency For Banks And Fintechs
Digital Marketing For Restaurants
Digital Marketing For Restaurants
Seo And Digital Marketing Agency For Banks And Fintechs

Devise strategies to attract new patrons


Build a community of loyal and repeat customers


Increase brand awareness throughout the community


Establish your Bank as a community leader


Help to preserve and protect your reputation

In order to grow, businesses need customers which means customers need to know you’re out there in order to find you. Call on a digital marketing company with over 10 years of experience in converting customers and increasing customer awareness. Dare to dream big.


The world of digital marketing may seem overwhelming with ads for Facebook and Instagram, videos, Google Maps, Google Ads, and mobile apps. Add to that the need to make each of these SEO-friendly, and digital marketing just moved to mysterious. SalePilot Digital Marketing believes in taking the mystery out and making digital marketing something manageable regardless of the business’s size.


SalePilot is a family of digital marketing and SEO specialists, each having more than 7 years of experience, just waiting to help you with all your digital marketing needs. We do everything from consulting to web design to helping manage your social media. We take on your PPC campaigns and email marketing strategies so you don’t have to. We’ll sit down with you, look over your bank’s current digital advertising, analyze what’s happening with it, and come up with new strategies to successfully reach and convert new customers. We’ll maximize your dollars, giving you a better ROI.


SEO is what determines whether people find your business from a Google search. It also determines how your websites rank against competitor pages. So we make it our business to diagnose and fix any SEO issues we find on your site.


Then we figure out what SEO terms you should rank for, and build a road to get you to Page 1 on Google.

Just like social media ads, without the right planning and optimization, your search and PPC advertising can end up costing a lot and paying very little.


Our team knows how to make PPC marketing pay off for Banks and FinTech. We zero in on the content and keywords most likely to convert. Then we set up smart audiences and timing, and keep adjusting til the ROI is sound.

Social media marketing needs careful planning and constant optimization. At SalePilot, we stay are always at work to both setup and fine-tune your campaigns. We’ll make sure your social media ads stay on budget. 


And we deliver the best possible conversion rate for your campaigns with constant A/B testing, targeting, and audience building.

PPC campaigns give an immediate boost to your marketing campaign, but without proper understanding, PPC can cost you a lot with only a small ROI.


We’ll make sure that your PPC money is spent where you’ll get the biggest return, driving both traffic and leads.

More than 60% of mobile phone users make google search for Banking services straight from their mobile device. Almost everyone uses their phones to search, to leave online reviews, and to interact with brands on social media.


If your website isn’t responsive by design, you’re overlooking a lot of traffic and sales from mobile phone users. We can redesign your site to be mobile-friendly.

SalePilot understands how costly paid advertising can be.


Through the use of programmatic display, we fine-tune your digital campaigns to target only the individuals that meet your advertising criteria. The automated bidding process ensures you get the place you need at the right price.

35 Financial Services Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

Most financial services consumers start their journey by finding and comparing providers online, often through search. Many don’t have a specific provider in mind. When it comes time to make a purchase, most financial services consumers place a phone call. This is because financial decisions like investments, loans, and mortgages are often highly considered and require a live agent to field the questions and concerns prospects will voice.


To acquire more customers, financial services marketers are optimizing SEO and digital ads to drive more high-quality calls. And, to increase phone conversions, they’re personalizing the caller experience.

  • 90% of loan and mortgage consumers, 85% of check-cashing consumers, and 76% of tax return preparation consumers start their journey with an online search. For many financial services consumers, search is the first step to assess their options (Source: LSA).
  • Mobile searches related to financial planning and management have grown 70% over the past two years. In our mobile-first world, many financial services searches are run on smartphones, which makes calling an agent more seamless than ever before (Source: Google).
  • Mobile queries for “what should I invest in?” have increased by 65% year-over-year. If you can optimize your SEO or create paid search ads for these terms, you’ll be able to entice consumers looking for investment advice (Source: Google).
  • Mobile queries for “retirement calculator” have increased by 115% in the last two years. Reach consumers planning for retirement by optimizing for these search terms (Source: Google).
  • Mobile queries for “bank near me” have grown by over 60% in the past two years. More than ever, consumers are using local searches to find and evaluate financial services providers (Source: Google).
  • Mobile queries for “financial advisors” have increased by 75% in the last 2 years. Financial services consumers are increasingly making searches on their mobile devices — placing click-to-call extensions on your ads can create a seamless link from searching online to speaking with an advisor (Source: Google).
  • 93% of check-cashing consumers, 81% of loans and mortgage consumers, and 54% of tax return preparation consumers did not have one company in mind while searching. This presents a golden opportunity to convert these undecided searchers (Source: LSA).
  • After running a search, loan and mortgage consumers spend an average of $28,435. Banking consumers spend an average of $3,432. Accounting consumers spend an average of $683. Each undecided searcher represents a major revenue opportunity for your company (Source: LSA).
  • Financial services spend is projected to increase by $2.56 billion from 2019 to 2020. This represents 16% growth year-over-year, and 108% growth since 2016 (Source: eMarketer).

  • The financial services sector makes up 14% of the overall spend on online advertising. Financial services companies spend more on online advertising than almost any other industry (Source: Blue Fountain Media).

  • Financial services keywords are among the most expensive in Google Ads and Bing Ads and some can cost $50 or more per click. Financial services customers have high lifetime values and, as a result, paid search competition is fierce (Source: WordStream).

  • The average conversion rate for a financial services search ad is 5.10%. For a financial services display network ad, it’s 1.19%. Despite the comparatively high cost of financial services ads, their conversion rates are consistent with most other industries (Source: WebFX).

  • The average cost for a financial services lead is $160. Financial services leads are expensive to drive — ensuring you provide a smooth experience to convert them to customers is critical (Source: Sales Lead Automation).

  • More than 50% of banks either do not measure ROI (return on investment) for their marketing at all or measure it in less than 25% of their campaigns. Despite spending aggressively on digital ads, many financial services marketers don’t have proper attribution in place to measure the return on their spending (Source: Blue Fountain Media).

  • 15. 66% of banking consumers and 57% of investment consumers call to make a purchase. When it comes time to make a purchase, financial services consumers prefer to speak to a live agent (Source: Google).

  •  72% of loan shoppers made at least 2 phone calls to the financial institution during the loan vetting process. Complex financial services often require more than one call with a live agent to finalize a purchase (Source: Market Cube).

  • 95% of check-cashing consumers, 93% of accounting consumers, and 75% of tax return preparation consumers call a business after running a search. Since these services are complex purchases that deal with sensitive financial data, consumers often feel most comfortable speaking with a live agent to make a purchase (Source: LSA).

  • The price point at which financial services consumers are most likely to call to make a purchase is $416. The more expensive the purchase, the more likely consumers are to convert over the phone (Source: Google).

  • 64% of calls to financial services providers come from organic search. 36% come from paid search. A strong SEO strategy is a must-have for driving calls (Source: DialogTech).

  • 49% of financial services phone leads from organic search come from mobile devices. To drive more organic search phone leads, test and optimize different call button placements and CTAs on your website (Source: DialogTech).

  • 52% of financial services phone leads from paid search come from mobile devices. Mobile is an important channel for driving phone leads from paid search — to maximize phone leads from mobile devices, use call extensions (Source: DialogTech).

  • January is the month financial services providers receive the highest call volume. To maximize your revenue, ensure you’re providing a frictionless call experience — even when your call volumes are at their highest (Source: DialogTech).

  • 12pm is the time of day financial services providers receive the most calls. Ensure your call center is adequately staffed during this time (Source: DialogTech).

  • Calls will influence $1 trillion in US consumer spending this year. In our mobile-first world, calls are often the most convenient way for customers to convert (Source: BIA/Kelsey).

  •  Phone calls convert to 10-15x more revenue than web leads. Calls are the most valuable conversions financial services marketers can drive. By tracking calls driven by your digital ads, you can measure your full ROI and optimize accordingly (Source: BIA/Kelsey).

  •  Callers convert 30% faster than web leads. Calls provide a more immediate return on your marketing investment (Source: Forrester).

  • The caller retention rate is 28% higher than the web lead retention rate. Driving calls from financial services marketing campaigns is also more profitable in the long-term — callers are more loyal than web leads (Source: Forrester).

  • Callers to financial services call centers wait on hold 1.3x longer than the average time of other industries. Long hold times harm your ROI, since they frustrate customers and increase abandonment (Source: Talkdesk).

  • 88% of companies now prioritize the customer experience in their contact centers. Most companies understand the call channel is a critical phase of the consumer journey and are taking steps to make it as seamless as possible (Source: Deloitte).

  • 63% of financial services organizations ranked customer experience as their top priority. Financial services companies are shifting their focus toward the customer experience — and that includes inbound phone calls (Source: Adobe).

  • 85% of financial services professionals believe that responding to customer expectations faster is an urgent need for the business. To provide great experiences, financial services companies need to keep a finger on the pulse of the customer experience and customer sentiment (Source: Bizagi).

  • 32% of consumers say phone calls are the most frustrating customer service channel. Simply fielding inbound phone calls isn’t enough — it’s important for agents to have data on each caller so they can quickly and efficiently address their needs (Source: Aspect).

  • 57% of consumers say they would likely choose an institution for their loan after a positive call experience. Financial services customers want to do business with companies that make them feel heard, understood, and valued (Source: Market Cube).

  • 34% of callers who hang up after being on hold too long will never call back. Long hold times can alienate many of your potential customers forever (Source: VRI).

  • 64% of consumers would choose another financial institution after a poor call experience. If you fail to provide frictionless call experiences, it will cost you customers (Source: Market Cube).

What Can a Marketing Agency Do for Your Bank or FinTech?

Optimized SEO Campaign

If you’re looking for serious business growth, one of the best strategies that you can use is search engine optimization or SEO. Why is it so effective? Simple! SEO allows you to target potential customers that are more likely to avail of your product or service – a conversion if you will.


A well-optimized SEO campaign will help you reach customers that have an active interest in your company, product, or service. The goal of SEO is to have your website appear on the first page of search engine results such as Google and Bing. If your website ranks high for your targeted keywords, you receive more traffic and qualified leads. SEO shines when it comes to targeting which means that you’ll reach people who are likely more interested in your banking product or service.


A top-rank digital marketing agency will not only optimize but streamline your SEO campaign as well. This is a key benefit of having an agency partner because SEO isn’t a one-and-done deal but an ongoing process.


Content Creation That Converts

While a nice-looking website is a good thing for any financial institution, it needs more than that to succeed. These days, customers are no longer interested in sites that only look great. Static websites with rarely updated content make visitors never want to come back again. Visitors need a reason to come back to your website, preferably with useful and relevant information that helps them make a buying decision.


This is where good content marketing comes into play.


Creating content isn’t just about making search engines happy (although it tremendously helps). There’s no point in optimizing your search results if you can’t back it strong, relevant content. But then again, most optimization methods revolve around content of some type. The idea is to put out content that your potential buyers can appreciate. After all, it’s the customers who are buying your product or service, not the search engines.


A digital marketing agency can provide top-notch content and will be delivered to online spaces that your potential customers frequent.


Social Media Marketing

If you’re not on social media, there’s a good chance that you’re getting left behind by your competitors. Just take Facebook for example. In 2018, over 18 million Banks and FinTech around the world have hopped on to Facebook. And based on statistics, Facebook reaches more than 60% of all internet users in the world.


In terms of reach, it’s hard to go wrong with using social media marketing, especially when it comes to the local market. This type of marketing is highly targeted since social media platforms have massive user bases and data are voluntarily provided. With that amount of information at hand, social networks like Facebook can serve users with highly targeted ads. With such a highly targeted reach, the rate of conversions is higher.


Many financial institutions are managing their social media marketing accounts on their own which is mostly fine. However, if you want to make the most out of social media’s power, a digital marketing agency like SalePilot will be more than happy to help.


Paid Search Campaign Management

As far as targeted traffic and quick results go, pay per click or PPC is the best digital marketing strategy to use. If you have a website, traffic is the lifeblood of your business. However, it’s not just about getting clicks and visitors, you need qualified leads to turn up a profit. While SEO is one of the most common methods to get targeted traffic, PPC remains the quickest way to reach qualified audiences.


With PPC, you’re not just getting high-quality traffic but almost instantaneous results as well. Basically, you’re targeting users who are already actively searching for your product or service. Serve them with a relevant ad and they’re likely to be pushed to make a buying decision. Once your account has been set up properly, your campaign is ready to launch and can receive clicks and sales on that same day.


However, it’s easy to waste time and money through PPC, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. With an agency by your side, your PPC campaign can be optimized for success.


Web Design Solutions

As mentioned earlier, a beautiful website isn’t guaranteed to attract and engage visitors. However, superior web design does play a critical role in the finance business. If you have a poorly designed website, there’s a good chance that you’ll scare away a visitor. This is because your site’s appearance is critical to making a good first impression on your visitors.


Also, your website and brand’s credibility comes from web design. When someone finds your website, they want to know that your business is trustworthy and legit. A poorly designed site doesn’t exactly scream professionalism and legitimacy. But good web design isn’t just about aesthetics but you have to make sure that your site loads quickly, easy to navigate, and full of useful content.


If you partner with a digital marketing agency, you’ll have access to a web design team that can provide you with a beautiful and highly responsive website.

4 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Banking SEO Agency

Are My Expectations for the Campaign Realistic?

One of the biggest ways to set yourself up for failure is when you have expectations that are beyond realistic. Having goals is never a bad thing but it’s counter-productive if it’s unachievable. This issue can also go both ways when a prospective agency gives lofty promises to attract new clients.

If an agency promises things like the #1 position in Google or dubious ROI results, you should run the other way. A good agency will only outline the things that they can do for your small business and not promise anything until they’ve analyzed your marketing strategies.

Bank Seo Agency And Digital Marketing Services For Fintech
Bank Seo Agency And Digital Marketing Services For Fintech

Do You Provide Customized Digital Marketing Strategies?

Every business has unique needs so it doesn’t make sense to use a template approach to marketing. Although agencies must have refined methods and techniques to demonstrate repeatable outcomes, they should always formulate strategies that will work best for a certain business.

Once the agency analyzes your goals and current strategies, they should have no problem tailoring a marketing strategy from the ground up. If the agency offers cookie-cutter techniques before even knowing your goals and marketing strategies, stay away.

Do You Have Experience Working With Companies Like Us?

Ask the agency if they have helped a business like yours in the past, whether it be in your specific industry or market, or even a business of your size and structure. In general, it’s always recommended to work with a digital agency that is already familiar with the nature of your business or industry.
On top of that, look for a company that can provide an innovative approach despite their familiarity with your industry.
Bank Seo Agency And Digital Marketing Services For Fintech
Seo And Digital Marketing Agency For Banks And Fintechs

How Will You Measure Success?

When looking for a Banking SEO and Digital Marketing agency, ask all your prospective options about what you can expect for reporting and analytics. What sort of key performance indicators (KPIs) do they track? In the best-case scenario, the ideal agency will measure multiple KPIs. Digital marketing is never considered a cheap investment, so it’s only fair that you want to make the most out of your advertising budget.

Every report should be in-depth, accurate, and meaningful for your company. Good reporting is about ensuring that you get the results that you need from the campaign


Banks are the financial backbone of most countries, having been around since ancient times. Since that time, banks have evolved from solely being a place to obtain a loan into the institutions of today, meeting all their customers’ financial needs. They give individuals and businesses a place to put their funds, to get loans, and to transact all forms of financial business. Banks have moved beyond just dealing in cash and checks to offering credit cards, debit cards, money orders, mortgages, lines of credit, and more.


SalePilot Digital Marketing wants to be the backbone of your digital marketing. We’ll ensure that your marketing evolves with the times, using the latest techniques to keep your page moving ahead and customers coming to your door. SalePilot will be a safe investment, yielding a strong return. We’ll go beyond providing just basic marketing to analyzing customer conversion rates, improving SEO, using programmatic display, and much more.


Have you decided to work with a Banking Digital Marketing agency? Here’s what you can expect if you choose SalePilot as your agency.

SalePilot enjoys the expertise of individuals who make digital marketing their business. The SalePilot team thrives on creating winning strategies for banks that drive customers to you. When you choose SalePilot, you choose


A Partner

We don’t just want to run your marketing campaigns, we want to hear your ideas and partner together with you to grow your business faster.


Undivided Focus

We take the time to understand you. We’ll come to your office, sit down with you, and work to develop a winning campaign just for you. Our sole focus will be on you.


Dedicated Social Media/SEO/Programmatic Display Specialist

We’re never too busy to answer your questions. The specialist that’s right for your business will work side-by-side with you, giving you personal updates and helping you through any difficulties along the way.


Up-to-date Reporting

You will receive reports at the interval you choose, and you will have 24/7 access to our top-notch team.

Bank Seo Agency And Digital Marketing Services For Fintech
Double Your Customers Volume for the Same Spend

There are a lot of financial institutions out there that offer customers great deals on mortgages, savings accounts, auto loans, and investment management that help people reach their goals, and many of them are going to the internet to find the financial assistance that they need.

There are more than 173,000 searches a month on Google for the keywords “banks near me” and another few thousand per month on “online banks” and “community banks”. People are actively searching for options that help them climb out of debt or get ahead on reaching their dreams.

As a bank, you know your competition and what sets you apart from the rest, but do your potential customers know what makes you unique or why they should trust you with their money?


It’s likely that the big box financial institutions already have a head start on what it takes to get in those top positions of the search engine results pages, therefore our banking SEO company knows what it takes to make it so that you are more competitive.


Dump the campaigns that don’t generate returns. Our AI-based marketing platform automatically optimizes towards the campaigns that are driving high-value clients.


Executive Level Reporting

Tap into the type of analytical reporting that you didn’t even know was possible. No longer do you have to do all the legwork on finding the cost per lead. With Lead Stream, you will now be able to report on the Cost Per Customer marketing…and show the ROI.

Bank Seo Agency And Digital Marketing Services For Fintech
Reactive Reputation Management

Our banking SEO experts know how to create keywords that beat out your competitors by speaking directly to your targeted audience and offering them the financial services that they need the most. We know how to implement things in your SEO content strategy that get noticed by Google and send your financial institution to the top of the SERPs.

We offer comprehensive banking SEO strategies that combine a mix of PPC advertising, reputation management, social media advertising, web design, and organic content creation to bring more awareness to your bank. We’ll come to you no matter where you’re at and devise a plan that helps your customers as well as your profits.

Seo And Digital Marketing Agency For Banks And Fintechs
The #1 Spot on Google SERP’s

You’ve worked hard to get your bank to where it’s at, so let’s make sure that customers find you easily- and immediately- on Google.

Get More Customers

Sure, increased visibility on the web is great, but it’s the relationships that really matter.


We count success in terms of conversions and loyal, long-term customers who look to you to help them get the financial assistance they need in a timely manner- and continue the conversation so that they are more likely to become loyal longtime customers.

Boost Your Profits

Just like building up your bank with an easy-to-navigate website and great customer service agents, building up your web presence and customer base takes work.


We admit that it takes time and money to invest in successful SEO tactics but give it 6 months and you’ll be like most of our SalePilot clients who stay with us for years.

Your Thought Partner

SalePilot does more than just boost your ROI through implementing SEO- we’re a partner that’s committed to your personal growth because we consider your achievements our success.


We want to hear from you often and take your ideas/dreams/goals seriously. Because we know open communication is the key to helping the overall good.

Analytics at Your Fingertips

We take pride in providing you thoughtful monthly reports with relevant KPI’s right at your fingertips, but you will also have access to our proprietary software interface with details about your campaigns. 


SalePilot’s SEO experts are also just a phone call away anytime for updates.

Right in Your Backyard

If your main target demographic is right in your immediate area, then it makes sense to go with an SEO company that knows the culture, problems, and solutions available to help relate to your audience.


 Fortunately, SalePilot is a locally-based SEO company run by experts who understand the region, your industry, and how to effectively geo-target qualified leads to turn them into customers.

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