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Digital Marketing Services for Restaurants

A restaurant’s reputation is based on its food, but a good restaurant marketing strategy comes as close as possible to recreating the total dining experience. Since digital marketing has become a necessity for restaurants, your online restaurant marketing strategy needs to do the same as your offline one.

When people want to try a new place for dinner, they may go online to look for recommendations or read reviews of local spots. Your restaurant has to use the Internet to promise a great meal and a pleasing environment. If you don’t have an online presence, you may be missing out on many opportunities to reach new customers.

SalePilot's Restaurant Marketing Services

We Employ Data-Driven Campaigns To Grow Your Business

SalePilot is a top-performing restaurant marketing agency. We provide tailored restaurant marketing services. Our goal is to help our partners maximize their lead potentials online and boost conversions. Through our innovative digital marketing solutions, we generate a positive return on investment (ROI) for your organization!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services for Restaurants

Included in our Restaurant marketing services is SEO. We employ proven optimization strategies. Our objective is to improve your search results by boosting your site’s organic traffic.

Website Design And Development Services for Restaurants

Showcase your best practices and primer facility by building a high-performing website that converts. We have professional digital designers and web developers who work collaboratively with our experienced restaurant marketing experts. This collaboration allows our team to design and develop a powerful website for your organization.

Social Media Marketing Services for Restaurants

Social media has become one of the most effective digital marketing platforms today. SalePilot Restaurant marketing agency has a dedicated team of social media specialists. We create new brand pages or optimize your current social media campaigns. Our strategy includes organic and social media paid campaigns.

PPC Advertising Services for Restaurants

Sometimes, your restaurant marketing campaigns need an immediate boost to position your branding. SalePilot’s Restaurant marketing services cover pay-per-click marketing and advertising. With the help of our certified PPC specialists, we put your best practices in front and center in no time!

Online Reputation Management Services for Restaurants

Having a strong and positive online reputation is one of the keys to your success. Allow our Restaurant marketing experts to manage your brand’s presence and reputation. In addition to our review-response strategy, we also implement various marketing campaigns to create positive engagement within your target audience.

Local SEO Services for Restaurants

Part of our Restaurant marketing services is content writing. Partner with our professional content creators and editors with vast experience in restaurant marketing. We produce a variety of content marketing materials, including blogs, press releases, product descriptions for eCommerce sites, and many more.

Video Production Services for Restaurants

Inspire more followers and move your prospects into actions through powerful video ads. SalePilot’s Restaurant marketing services has a stellar video production crew. We create and optimize different videos to support your unique marketing requirements.

Content Writing Services for Restaurants

Make the most out of your lead generation channels with the help of digital optimizers. Our Restaurant marketing experts conduct comprehensive website audits. We also monitor your lead generation campaigns. Within the strategy, we eliminate and calibrate your strategies to boost conversions and provide a maximum ROI for your organization.

Next Door Advertising for Restaurants

Establish strong connections within the local community with the help of our Restaurant marketing experts. We specialize in Nextdoor advertising. Our team implements hyperlocal campaigns that create meaningful relationships with the community you serve.

These Are Just a Few Of The Ways We Can Help Your Restaurant Grow


Devise strategies to attract new patrons


Build a community of loyal and repeat customers


Increase brand awareness throughout the community


Establish your restaurant as a community leader


Help to preserve and protect your reputation

Quick FAQ about SalePilot Restaurant Marketing Agency Services

SalePilot is a restaurant marketing agency based out in the USA, offering Restaurant marketing services nationwide. We help restaurants create loyalty, provide data to research, analytics, and allow restaurants to gain a better understanding of their ideal customer profile. Contact us to know more about our restaurant marketing agency.

SalePilot Restaurant marketing agency creates advertising, public relations, promotions and social media campaigns for your restaurant. This includes creating ads and researching the best media in which to place them. This helps us to generate testimonials and referrals to drive traffic to your restaurant. Contact us to know more about our restaurant marketing agency.

Without advertising, chances are your restaurant won’t survive. Smart advertising helps develop your good reputation and reach consumers who otherwise might never hear of you. It also helps with restaurant promotions, such as the announcement of new menu items, discounts and special events. Contact us to know more about our restaurant marketing agency.

SalePilot Restaurant Marketing Agency believes in Smart Marketing Solutions, without burning a hole in your pocket. You may expect to spend roughly somewhere between $300–$800 / month on your branding and lead generation based upon your location and business goals. Contact us to know more about our restaurant marketing agency.

How does digital marketing for restaurants work?

Restaurant marketing is exactly what it sounds like: the process of promoting your restaurant on the Internet. Like traditional marketing, there are many channels you can use. But unlike print, TV and radio, digital marketing relies heavily on audience participation and two-way conversations.

Some digital marketing channels are deceptively similar to traditional channels, including banner and display ads, videos, and local directories. Others are completely different, like blog posts and infographics.

No matter the channel, though, these methods are all designed to encourage further engagement with your brand—or, at least, they should be. That’s because their success is measured by how many people actually respond, not how many people might.

Many online marketing channels don’t work at all unless audiences are responding. Social media is the best example. If your followers aren’t mentioning you, posting on your pages, or responding to your content, it quickly becomes a one-sided conversation. Plus, no one comes across your messages like they would a TV or radio spot.

People have to actively sign up for email or join your social media channels before they receive your messages.

Thanks to the web, marketing has become more focused on two-way dialogue than ever before, and one of your goals is to foster this dialogue. Keep reading to find out why.

Why is digital marketing so important?

The web completely changed the way people communicate with each other and with businesses. By now, everyone should be marketing online—and if they aren’t, they should start ASAP. Without a solid online presence, you are missing out on ample opportunities to connect with potential customers.

Here are a few reasons you either need to begin or ramp up your restaurant marketing efforts.

Your customers are online

Right now, 3 billion people around the world are using the Internet. That’s 42 percent of the population. As of 2014, they’re doing 5 billion searches a day for products and services—including your restaurant.

If your restaurant marketing plan doesn’t include the web, you are missing out on new customers and new revenue. What’s worse, you are unable to have any influence on your reputation, because you can’t “own” the content written about you on other websites like you can your own site.

It costs less

Traditional restaurant marketing is expensive. An ad in the newspaper can cost a few hundred dollars, and a menu or coupon sent through the mail can cost thousands. digital marketing costs far less per lead than other methods, even if you utilize channels like pay per click (PPC) advertising.

It creates conversations

The main difference between traditional and digital marketing is the conversation. Traditional marketing is one-sided, with your restaurant sending a message that may never receive a response.

With digital restaurant marketing, customers can communicate as well. There are ample opportunities to respond to your marketing messages. Potential customers may talk to or about you on social media, send emails with questions or complaints, or respond to the content on your site in the form of a comment. The feedback may not always be positive, but it’s worth hearing, especially if you want to make your restaurant better.

Now that you know why Internet marketing is so important, what can you do to market your restaurant online? Keep reading to find out what we can do to boost your restaurant marketing efforts.

When People Dine Out, They Turn To Google

The restaurant business is constantly changing and evolving. But one thing has remained constant over the last few years: diners turn to the web to help them choose where to eat. Are you doing everything you can to make sure:

– Your restaurant is easily found online?
– Potential customers like what they see when they do find you online?

Combining SEO, content marketing, social media, paid advertising, and reputation management, we’ll make sure your restaurant not only becomes the hottest spot in your community but that it stays that way.

Restaurant Marketing Agency
Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

Generating a buzz hotspot that fills seats

Your reputation is everything. It always has been. But how you manage your reputation has evolved over the years. Sure, official restaurant reviews still hold some value, but today’s average consumer places a lot of trust in the reviews and comments of his peers.

Facebook. Yelp. Google Reviews. Twitter. The conversations and comments made on these platforms can make or break your business. But there’s no way you can manage and monitor each of these sites while running your business.

But don’t worry. At SalePilot, we’ll not only manage your online reputation; we’ll also generate a positive buzz across all your digital communities. Our goal is to compel people from near and far to come see what makes your restaurant so darn special.

Restaurant Marketing SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization for Restaurants

As a restaurant owner your plate is already full (pardon the pun). You’re constantly dealing with suppliers, updating your menus, managing employees and, of course, catering to your customers. Adding online marketing into the mix can seem a bit daunting.

We can see why so many restaurateurs opt to take shortcuts with their SEO. But these shortcuts can (and likely will) cause more harm than good. We know that SEO can be burdensome and boring – so why waste your valuable time doing something you don’t love?

Leave it up to SalePilot.

Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency
Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

Local SEO was built for restaurants

You might’ve heard talk of SEO being dead. Don’t believe the hype. Saying SEO is dead is like saying marketing is dead and, well, we won’t even go there.

What SEO has done is evolve and adapt to better serve online searchers. One of the most important adaptations in recent years has been a push toward local. Think of it – if someone wants to go out to eat, isn’t it convenient for them to get a list of local restaurants that match their query?

With the right SEO strategy in place, you can be sure that your restaurant will be one of the first listings searchers see.

Your website can be so much more than a glorified business card

Take a quick look at the websites of your local competitors. How many of those websites are designed to encourage conversions?

Chances are not that many. Your website can do so much more than post your hours and menu. With the right type of design and layout, combined with tried and true SEO approaches, you can have a website that:

Makes it easy for potential patrons to make a reservation

Allows people to place a take-out order

Let’s web surfers know if their search matches your offering

Restaurants have a back of the house and front of the house – your website does, too. Behind the scenes, certain codes, scripts and languages could be killing your search engine rankings. In the front of the house (on your actual web pages), errors such as poor site structure, no keyword focus, or minimal content could make you all but invisible to Google.

Our SEO team will audit all aspects of your site and make sure everything’s prim and proper so that you won’t just rank on page 1 – you’ll own it.

There are a lot of restaurants in your area – make yours stand out

Even if you do rank high on Google, that’s not a guarantee that folks will choose to click on your website, versus others. You have to find a way to demonstrate why your restaurant is top-dog – your content will help make that happen.

As part of our SEO strategy, we’ll devise a full-on content strategy that not only ranks you higher on Google for your competitive keyphrases but puts you in the spotlight of folks we know are looking to dine out.

From articles to graphics, videos and more, we’ll help you publish a wide variety of content that targets your key demographics in the corners of the web where they spend the most time. With the right type of content, your restaurant will speak directly to motivated prospects and convince them that when it’s time to feast, there is no better place than yours.

Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency
Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

Make informed decisions with data that matters

In the end, all you care about is that your SEO efforts fill seats. We get it. But it’s also important to know why certain strategies work (or don’t). That’s why we make it our personal mission to keep your clients in the know, every step of the way – without overwhelming them.

Each month you’ll receive detailed reports outlining how your website is performing. You’ll know how many visitors you had, where they came from, where they spent their time on your site, and how long they lingered. This type of information will help us continuously monitor our SEO strategies so you can rest assured that once you reach the upper echelons of Google’s results pages, you’ll never look back again.

Reputation Management for Restaurants

Reputation Management for Restaurants

Online reviews and listings can do one of two things: convince diners to come to your restaurant or convince them to go elsewhere. Luckily for you, as a restaurant owner in the 21st century, you have so many opportunities to build a strong online reputation that’ll lead to more trust and, inevitably, customer demand.

With recent research suggesting nearly 90% of diners value online reviews as much as the opinions of their friends and family, managing your reputation has never been as important as it is now.

SalePilot can help.

Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency
Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

The Influence of Reputation

Sometimes it seems like the Internet was designed for restaurants. One of the most popular searches anywhere across the country is some iteration of “[ADJECTIVE] restaurants near me”, with the adjective being anything like “Mexican” or “Italian” or “Romantic.” You get the picture.

In other words, your potential customers are making decisions based entirely on what they find online. That’s why when managing your reputation, the SalePilot team takes a two-step approach:

– Proactive reputation management and
– Reactive reputation management

Your reputation precedes you … fewer words ring truer to restaurants. Before ever looking at your menu or stepping foot inside your establishment, people are making judgments about your business based on what they’ve read, heard, or seen.

That’s why we’re relentless in spreading all the positive, good news about your restaurant and its impact on the community. From sponsoring a local team to donating food to charity, we’ll be sure to get the word out so that your potential diners feel inclined to support you.

Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency
Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

Everyone has an opinion, and these days, no one’s shy to share their take on something they experienced. Restaurants seem to take the brunt of this. If you’re in the food industry long enough, you’re bound to get negative reviews and feedback. Whether it’s the food, the service, the ambiance, or lack of parking, your restaurant’s reputation is on the line whenever you serve a customer.

Our reputation crisis team will work with you to develop a strategy for handling negative comments online and turning them around into something positive that’ll bring in more diners.

Social Media for Restaurants

Social Media for Restaurants

Being social is the bread and butter of the restaurant biz,
Restaurants are unlike many other businesses in that being social is why folks come to your establishment, to begin with. They’re looking for a comfortable, entertaining atmosphere where they can spend some time.

Years ago that social atmosphere existed only within your restaurant – now it’s bled over to networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

With roughly ¼ of the 7 billion people in the world using social media, you have to be pretty savvy and creative when it comes to how you approach social media.

With our help, you’ll capture the voice and feeling of your business within the confines of the top social networks, and turn followers into customers.

Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency
Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

Doing social media the “right” way

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to social media: post a cool update, picture, or video and watch the likes, comments and customers pour in.

Alas, with that type of approach your posts will reach nothing more than a room full of crickets. All the time and effort you committed to being social will have been for nothing, and you’ll likely curse the day you listened to others who said “you have to put your restaurant on social media!”

Here’s the truth: social media is restaurant marketing on steroids. Few other channels allow you to hold real-time conversations with your prospects and customers. As such, you have to approach social media like you would any major marketing strategy: with data, research, and a plan.

That’s exactly how SalePilot carves out the best restaurant marketing strategy for our clients. Here’s what we can do to up your social game:

Create a social media policy

that outlines the type of voice, branding and style to be used across all channels. This consistency helps minimize mixed messages and will make it easier for your audience to connect with your business.

Find the platforms

where your potential patrons spend time and
develop strategies for each network.

Engage with prospects

current customers, as well as influencers in
your region (food critics, local celebrities, etc.),
in order to create a buzz around your business.

Folks looking for a place to eat want to feel connected with the restaurant they choose. Let’s face it – they could order a meal from anywhere. Your goal is to show them why your restaurant is different from all the rest.

Social media gives you the opportunity to do this, from the comfort of a computer screen or phone. SalePilot can show you how.

Paid Media for Restaurants

Paid Media for Restaurants

Getting your restaurant in front of your target market requires a lot of moving parts. SEO and social media, for example, are key components. But without a paid media strategy, you’ll fall short of your business goals.

Paid media, what many refer to as search engine marketing, can connect your restaurant with folks in your local area who are highly likely to want exactly what you have to offer. With this type of precision, you’ll bring more customers to your tables without the added costs and headaches of old-school marketing for your restaurants.

Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency
Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

Let’s get down to specifics

What good is it to market to a large audience if you’re targeting the wrong people? SalePilot’s paid media strategies filter out folks who’ll likely never become customers, and focus, instead, on those who matter most. By incorporating the latest PPC technology, SalePilot can help you target your advertising by:

– Time of day
– Budget
– Geographic location (also known as geo-targeting)
– Demographics (age, occupation, etc.)
– Location of your ad on the search engine results page
– Websites where your ad occurs
– Negative targeting, allowing you to keep your ads from showing up for audiences that don’t convert

When it comes to your restaurant marketing strategy, we know it’s all about the ROI. That’s why we won’t ever rest on our laurels – even the most effective paid campaign today will eventually need to be adjusted. The SalePilot team will constantly monitor your results and make changes on the fly as needed.

Want to expand your reach without wasting your dollars and energy? Our paid media campaigns deliver the results you’re after.

How can restaurants attract new business on the web?

These days, you have a far better chance of reaching your target audience online than in print, TV, or radio. But that doesn’t mean that new customers will automatically come to you.

Digital marketing for restaurants requires a mix of creativity, availability, and constant outreach. Your plan depends on your specific goals and target diners, but these ideas provide a good starting point.

Accept orders or reservations online

The ultimate goal of restaurant marketing is to attract more diners, but many people will check you out online before ever entering your restaurant. They might even use your site to order a meal.

Utilize an online feature that takes orders for take-out or delivery if you run a casual restaurant or reservations for fine dining. You can even try both if you like! No matter which option you add, your informational website can now become a sales channel.

Utilize local SEO

While choosing keywords to describe your restaurant’s environment or cuisine, remember to optimize the content you write for a location as well. Most people prefer to dine out close to home, so they’ll almost always search for a restaurant in their towns or neighborhoods.

Include location-based keywords in the text on your website, from the copywriting on your homepage to the title tags of each page. Also, make sure that your restaurant’s site is listed in the location-based results that appear on search engines—for example, when someone searches for “sushi restaurant in Queens.”

You can learn more about local SEO and how to implement it on your website by visiting this resource from Moz.

Monitor online reviews

Your ads tout your delicious dishes and superior service, but what do diners think? To new diners, reviews or feedback they receive from other people means more than what you tell them. Online reviews let new customers know what your current customers think, and they can be hugely beneficial to your business.

Get listed on review sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Zagat, and monitor each website for new reviews. If someone posts something positive, make sure you thank them. If there’s a negative review left, publicly acknowledge it, and try to reach out to the customer to make the situation right.

Finally, you can also post positive reviews or awards on your website. Testimonials and “social proof” like this can make a potential patron much more likely to visit your establishment.

Restaurant Marketing Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

Offer social media incentives

Social media is a great way to stay engaged with current customers and the community at large. It also helps you reward them for their support, and perhaps entice potential new diners to visit your restaurant.

Create discounts, special offers, and other incentives on social pages like Facebook and Twitter. You could create a simple reward for liking or following you or perhaps give out individual rewards for those who are loyal followers. No matter the incentive, these actions are bound to be appreciated by those who are considering dining with you.

Start marketing your restaurant online today

Your restaurant was created to provide a dining experience that engages all the senses. A good restaurant marketing campaign should strive to do the same. Create an digital marketing plan that evokes the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of your restaurant, and you’ll have a full house every night.

Need help creating a successful digital marketing plan for your restaurant? Don’t have time to market? Let SalePilot know.

As a proven online restaurant marketing firm, we’ve helped more than 500 brands reach more customers and increase their profits. Contact us online today for a customized, no-obligation quote for making your restaurant’s marketing campaigns more successful than ever.

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