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Manufacturing Marketing Agency That Bring Customers to Your Business

In order to grow, businesses need customers which means customers need to know you’re out there in order to find you. Call on a digital marketing company with over 10 years of experience in converting customers and increasing customer awareness. Dare to dream big.

The world of digital marketing may seem overwhelming with ads for Facebook and Instagram, videos, Google Maps, Google Ads, and mobile apps. Add to that the need to make each of these SEO-friendly, and digital marketing just moved to mysterious. SalePilot Manufacturing Marketing Agency believes in taking the mystery out and making digital marketing something manageable regardless of the business’s size.

SalePilot is a family of Manufacturing Marketing Experts and SEO specialists, each having more than 7 years of experience, just waiting to help you with all your digital marketing needs. We do everything from consulting to web design to helping manage your social media. We take on your PPC campaigns and email marketing strategies so you don’t have to. We’ll sit down with you, look over your manufacturing firm’s current digital advertising, analyze what’s happening with it, and come up with new strategies to successfully reach and convert new customers. We’ll maximize your dollars, giving you a better ROI.

Does my manufacturing company need Internet marketing?

In today’s Internet-driven business environment, Internet marketing is essential for manufacturing companies.

Marketing online includes many different strategies like optimizing your website for greater traffic from search engines, paid advertisements, marketing on social media and monthly newsletters.

We Specialize in Online Marketing for Manufacturers

Are you looking for the most effective way to get more relevant leads from your website? Whether your company is currently utilizing digital marketing or is just getting started, we can help. SalePilot has extensive experience helping manufacturing companies increase business by improving online inquiries through their websites.

]We know your goal is to increase online leads or inquiries from your website. To achieve this, we formulate a custom online strategy for manufacturing marketing that is shaped by your target audience, your targeted geographic location, and your website goals.

SalePilot's Manufacturing Marketing Agency Services

No two businesses are the same, so no two marketing strategies should be the same. SalePilot’s Manufacturing Marketing plan will be custom designed to fit your specific manufacturing company’s needs. Individuality matters.

SalePilot will work with you to decide what combination of digital marketing tools will best suit you

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Manufacturing Companies

To make local SEO work, expertise in directory and reputation management is required. Our proprietary software helps drive the right local traffic to your locations, making it easy for customers to find you.

Pay Per Click Advertising For Manufacturing Companies

PPC campaigns give an immediate boost to your marketing campaign, but without proper understanding, PPC can cost you a lot with only a small ROI. We’ll make sure that your PPC money is spent where you’ll get the biggest return, driving both traffic and leads.

Social Media Marketing For Manufacturing Companies

Engaging your clientele through social media is the lifeblood of business.

We’ll help manage your social media campaigns or run them completely for you.

Content Writing For Manufacturing Companies

SalePilot’s experienced writers will provide fresh content for your blogs and website, utilizing SEO while still providing quality, engaging copy.

Reputation Management For Manufacturing Companies

Businesses live and die based on their reputation. Our specialists will protect your online reputation.

ConversionRate Optimization For Manufacturing Companies

Every business is based on building customers. We’ll customize our approach, coming up with individualized solutions to track and convert customers.

Programmatic Display For Manufacturing Companies

SalePilot understands how costly paid advertising can be. Through the use of programmatic display, we fine-tune your digital campaigns to target only the individuals that meet your advertising criteria. The automated bidding process ensures you get the place you need at the right price.

Web Development and Design For Manufacturing Companies

Every website should reflect its business. It should be unique and capture the customer’s attention while being easy to navigate. SalePilot will come to your manufacturing firm and take a look at your website, designing a new one for you, if needed.

Email Marketing

Keep in contact with your customers, drawing them back to your location, through effective automated or standardized email newsletters.

SalePilot Specializes In Manufacturing Marketing Agency Services

Manufacturers produce goods that are either used to manufacture other products or are the finished product already. Eventually, all manufactured goods find their way to consumers. Manufacturers range from hand-crafters and artisans to industrial mass-producers, all with the goal of providing something the consumer desires.

SalePilot Manufacturing Marketing Agency wants to provide you with something you desire – quality digital marketing. We’ll provide a hand-crafted marketing program designed specifically for your manufacturing company’s needs. We’ll take care of the SEO and PPC so you can focus on doing what you do best, producing quality goods. Under our care, we’ll drive customers to your door.

If you’re ready to grow with a company that is focused on growing manufacturing companies and will grow you, too, send us an email.


We focus on bringing value and solve business main challenges

When launching a digital marketing campaign, you don’t want just another cookiecutter marketing agency—you want a dedicated partner. This is the kind of client experience we strive to deliver at SalePilot Digital Marketing Agency.

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How can I market my manufacturing company online?

Here are four of the best Internet marketing strategies for manufacturing companies and how they can help your business succeed.

1. SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the most important Internet marketing strategy because it allows your website to rank highly in search engine results for searches related to your services. It also helps attract more traffic.

Website traffic is extremely important to the success of your manufacturing company, especially when 81% of consumers do online research before committing to a service.

When you use SEO best practices on your site, your website is optimized for both visitors and search engines.

SEO involves researching keywords to determine how your potential clients search for your services. This way, you can ensure that your site ranks for the keywords that mean the most to your manufacturing company, like “manufacturing companies in Pittsburgh, PA.” When you incorporate these keywords in your content, you help your most valuable customers find you.

SEO also involves optimizing your on-page elements and ensuring that your most valuable keywords are included in your title tags and that your alt text is updated.

2. PPC

PPC, or pay-per-click, is an advertising model that allows you to set an exact budget and only pay the platform when your ad is clicked. You can use PPC ads within search engines like Google or Bing, or on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

PPC ads are targeted, which means that you can serve them to users that are already looking for your products and services – giving your ads a higher chance of clicks.

Search engines allow you to select your audience based on the keywords users are searching for, which allows you to advertise to users that are already looking for what your company offers.

Social media platforms allow you to select your audience based on age, location, career, interests, which helps you hone in on different demographics related to your audience.

3. Web design

Web design is another important part of marketing your manufacturing company online.

The design of your website is the first thing that users see when they enter, and it’s often how they create the first impression of your company.

Your web design should include an easy-to-access navigation bar that helps users get around your site, an organized design, and images of your work.

It’s also beneficial to include a testimonial section that includes satisfied customers talking about your business, and the work you’ve done for them.

4. Social media

Social media is another great tool for expanding your business – especially because it allows you to market your service to billions of users every day.

Social media includes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that allow you to post and share information about your business. You can use these platforms to share company updates and photos, and interact with potential clients.

Manufacturing Marketing Agency Services

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies for marketing your manufacturing company.

Sending monthly newsletters helps you stay in touch with potential customers. Even though they might not be ready to contract your services when they first subscribe, you’ll be the first business they contact when they do.

Within email newsletters, you can include company updates, special offers, and information about upcoming services to become available.

The reason why digital marketing has grown significantly over the last decade is that everything is measurable. The effectiveness of a campaign can be easily determined based on a host of measurable data. As an experienced manufacturing marketing agency, we live and die by this data.

As proof of this, many of our current manufacturing clients have been with us since we started the business in 2010. They’ve stayed with us because we’ve been able to regularly produce results for their businesses. These results can be seen through increases in:

  • Online form submissions and phone calls to a site year over year (YOY), measured via Google Analytics
  • Sales attributed to SEO or PPC via HubSpot
  • Overall traffic YOY (via Google Analytics)
  • Search engine traffic YOY (Google Analytics)
  • Increases in targeted keyword positions (in an SEO campaign)

Tips for Choosing a Manufacturing Marketing Agency

Choosing a marketing agency can be extremely difficult. Since online marketing isn’t formally taught at a college level, digital professionals have to learn through experiences at organizations or agencies. Seeking a reliable agency that is well versed in marketing for manufacturing is hard, so we recommend you keep these aspects in mind


Talk to current customers and ask them about their experiences with this manufacturing marketing agency.

How They Show Results

Ask about the type of metrics and reporting that they provide you with on a monthly basis. A lot of agencies produce robust monthly reports with pages of data that can be overwhelming and confusing. Your time is valuable and your digital partner should be able to provide you with an overview that helps you understand what’s going on consistently.


A lot of things become transparent in face-to-face meetings. If you can find a solid local vendor offering SEO for manufacturers, this tends to help streamline the working relationship and curb the learning curve. If they aren’t local, a face-to-face video chat can do wonders as opposed to a conference call.

Services Offered

Does the agency specialize in online marketing and do they offer other online marketing services? It can be critical to make sure that your social, PPC, and SEO campaigns are all in sync and utilize the same high-level strategy.


Research some recent trends or updates to see if they are knowledgeable about what’s going on in the industry. You will want to make sure they are on top of their game and can keep up with changes that can affect your website.


Ensure they are flexible with the type of services you sign up for, and you don’t get roped into paying for things you are not interested in. On the flip side, some agencies also offer only one service, so be sure you don’t settle for anything less than what you are looking for.

Quick Win Opportunities for Improvement on Manufacturing Websites

These are some common things we have observed when starting work with manufacturing companies:

Website Content

It can be very difficult to brainstorm and write content for your website. There are only so many things your team can do in a day to improve sales and leads, and this aspect tends to be lower on the list of priorities.
We frequently find that there is very little content on key pages of manufacturing companies’ websites, which are often individual product pages or product category pages. Adding keyword-rich and user-friendly content can help improve traffic and leads on these essential web pages.

SEO Keyword Opportunities

If you have started an SEO campaign, you likely have a list of top keywords that you have targeted. We often recommend diversifying this list of keywords to focus on very specific topics.
Key opportunities center around writing content for industries that you specialize in, items that your products are used in, or materials that your product is used for or associated with.

Website Development and Technical Structure

The typical quick win opportunities for increasing your online website presence revolve around technical changes to your website.
These can be identified in a brief initial evaluation and analysis of your website. Here are a few things we typically uncover in a review of your site:

  • Limitations or opportunities with your website content management system
  • Any kind of 404 errors or unfound pages that Google is reporting (via the Google Search Console)
  • Non-secure website (non-HTTPS)
  • Missing calls to action and web forms


It’s safe to assume that you currently have visitors coming to your website and a percentage of them are reaching out to you.
Modifying the design of the entire website or key pages can lead to an increase in leads from the traffic you already have. Modifying can range from a complete website overhaul (not our typical recommendation) to adding small graphics with a call to action on key pages (more of our typical recommendation).

Google Analytics is key to identifying opportunities to improve leads from the traffic you already have coming to your website. Since we are evaluated on how many more leads we bring to your website, our team will proactively make recommendations about how this can be improved.

Behind-the-Scenes Code
Do you have all the proper Javascripts on your website that configured with all the major digital marketing platforms? With Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Google Search Console, Bing Webmasters, and more, you could be missing out on key data from not having these codes implemented on your site.


In order to achieve your digital goals, it’s critical to know how you are doing right now.
If you don’t have both Google Analytics and goal conversion tracking set up right now, you’ll want to do that right away.

Here are a few other aspects to consider:

  • If you are running any paid campaigns, are they correctly synced up and filtered correctly in Google Analytics? If not, you could have inaccurate data to evaluate.
  • Are you tracking leads such as form submissions, phone calls, and more? If not, you may not be able to track the metrics of your current campaign.

Common Questions on Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

When talking to prospective clients, we are often asked a handful of questions throughout the process. To help, we’ve answered some of our frequently asked questions to give you a few insights:

Do I have to invest in all of your services?

Unlike other agencies, we work with you to see what combination of our manufacturing marketing tactics will bring your business the most success. It’s all very tailored. And if you ever want to expand into other channels throughout your campaign, we’d be happy to help and develop a plan.

What if I don’t know what services I want?

From our free website evaluation and speaking with you about your goals, budget, targeting, and more, we will be able to give suggestions on which of our digital marketing tactics would fit you best. If you want to learn more about the differences between everything we offer, we suggest heading over to our services page to get a better understanding.

What sorts of things do you do during an SEO campaign?

There are numerous strategies we implement during the time we work with your business using SEO. Some tactics you may or may not be familiar with include:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content optimization
  • Blog creation/writing
  • Link building
  • Citation management
  • Interlinking
  • Metadata optimization
  • Schema implementation
  • Design for conversion

How do you manage accounts during pay-per-click campaigns?

When you work with us for PPC, whether on Google Ads, Facebook, or Bing, we strategize based on various aspects we monitor, including:

  • Search terms
  • Negative keywords
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Spend
  • Scheduling
  • Targeting
  • Much more

Why Partner With SalePilot for Your Manufacturing Marketing Agency Needs?

Are you interested in having SalePilot assist you with your company’s manufacturing marketing needs, or do you have a question for us?  Contact us today and we can start finding ways to boost your company’s online presence. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here are some services our clients can expect from us:

Digital Marketing Experts

When you choose SalePilot, you partner with a brilliant team of digital marketing experts. Here, we value collaboration to create and implement the best solutions to grow your business. From our account managers to specialists and strategists, expect high-quality output and unparalleled customer experience.

Data-Driven Strategies

At SalePilot, we outline our strategies based on your campaign requirements and goals. We employ tactical data analytics to ensure we’re hitting your objectives. This is why we take the time to briefly discuss your project scope so you can align every milestone with your goals.

Transparent Reporting

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re uncertain about the results of your marketing investments? At SalePilot, we make sure our partners understand every data we present to them. Our team is completely transparent when it comes to reporting. We send executive summaries and ensure you understand every result and recommendation we provide you.

Consistent Evaluation

Another reason many clients love to work with us is that we always go the extra mile! We constantly look for better ways to innovate your business. We put our best foot forward to deliver the best possible service for our partners.

Streamlined Communication

We are prompt and reliable. Our team communicates clearly with our partners and gives them constant updates regarding their campaigns. Additionally, you can always reach out to our project managers for any concerns you may have.

Reviews and Reputation Management

Your Manufacturing Company won’t take off when facing negative press and reviews. We know the importance of reputation when building a brand, so we offer review and reputation management services to develop and improve your local reputation.

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