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There’s no such thing as timeless: Keeping LawInfo.com current for lawyers

by Editorial Team
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Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer sunglasses have been a best-selling model since they were first introduced in 1956, in part because of the timelessness of their image. Many people were surprised, then, when Wayfarers were redesigned in 2001. Ray-Ban explained the change by pointing out that even a time-tested favorite needs a contemporary update from time to time.

In some ways, digital legal marketing tools are similar. Because the internet and the way consumers use it change so quickly and frequently, even instruments that are perennially solid performers need a retooling now and then.

That’s why FindLaw recently improved and refined several components of LawInfo.com. FindLaw’s in-house digital legal experts polished up the directory’s search engine optimization and keywords, improved its responsiveness to mobile devices, and enhanced its Lead Counsel designation. Today, LawInfo.com has millions of pages to attract search algorithms’ attention, including hundreds of pages of informative, custom content to engage readers and provide an incentive for them to stay and come back to the site. That investment from FindLaw is paying off. In 2020, LawInfo.com attracted five million visitors, who collectively generated nine million page views.

In case you haven’t been introduced to the new LawInfo.com, here are a handful of questions we’ve received from customers with brief answers:

  • How does LawInfo.com work?
    Legal consumers, generally speaking, aren’t a patient bunch. When they have a legal issue, they want to quickly find someone who can help them. LawInfo.com helps that someone be you. By categorizing information in a logical, searchable way, it gives consumers access to the information they need and law firms like yours a better chance to be found. This large information repository is just the surface though​. FindLaw has invested in making LawInfo.com a valuable internet resource that performs well against search engines’ ever-shifting priorities. That means LawInfo.com is not just putting your information up and hoping someone sees it. It’s actively working to draw interested legal consumers in and match them up with a lawyer or law firm that can meet their needs.
  • Why does it have to be a directory for lawyers? Aren’t regular directories just as good? 
    No one tool can be all things to all people. FindLaw only works for lawyers and law firms, and so does LawInfo.com. It’s clear from studying the online behavior of people with a legal need that they don’t want to sift through volumes of irrelevant information. They want to cut right to the chase. That’s why LawInfo.com, which is lawyers and law firms, is so effective at what it does.
  • Can I work with LawInfo.com and call my marketing strategy done? 
    com works just fine by itself, but the reality of consumer behavior means there isn’t any magic bullet. Using one digital legal marketing instrument is better than using none, but it’s more effective to select a blend of tools that delivers the best results and return on investment for you. FindLaw’s research has shown that the marketing strategies that deliver the best outcomes use multiple components that work together and complement one another.
  • How is LawInfo.com different from FindLaw’s other legal directories? 
    You know how there are several different types of screwdrivers? They all accomplish the same thing but do so slightly differently. That’s how you should think about FindLaw’s portfolio of four directories. Each helps lawyers get found by clients with a legal need, but in different ways. In the case of LawInfo.com, it has more sub-categories so firms with practice areas that are more niche can easily be discovered. Its client-facing educational material is also less detailed, so it’s more appealing to users who aren’t inclined to do extensive research.
  • What is Lead Counsel? 
    Lead Counselis a free verification service that signals to legal consumers you are reliable, reputable, and authoritative. Many legal consumers are unfamiliar with lawyers and law firms, so an external mark of validation provides reassurance. This trusted designation is available for any attorney who goes through the verification process.

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