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Amazon Sponsored Products Management

We Use Calculated Advertising to Increase Your Amazon Profit Margin

Before you sink your hard-earned money into Amazon advertising, you should know that it’s a complicated process. Amazon sponsored products advertising, in particular, should be executed with a well-defined strategy.

Many customers have hired SalePilot for its Amazon PPC services after going at it alone by making their best-educated guess. In the end, they cost themselves a lot of money with very little return on investment.

Here’s how our Amazon PPC agency removes any guessing from the equation:

  • We help you set realistic goals.
  • We establish a clear strategy that aligns with your unique business needs.
  • Right away, we aim to increase your ROI and decrease your advertising
    cost of sales (ACoS).

What Are Amazon Sponsored Products Ads?

Once we’ve helped your business with keyword research, Amazon listing optimization, registering your brand and filing for a trademark, you’re ready for phase two: advertising. Sponsored products is a cost-per-click (CPC) advertising option. With Amazon CPC, you only pay when a shopper clicks your ad. You control how much you spend by setting your budget and choosing how much to bid per click.

Amazon sponsored products ads show up where customers will see them, both on the first page of search results and on product pages. This puts you directly beside competitors, emphasizing the importance of well-optimized product descriptions and images and a proper pricing strategy.

Amazon Ppc Services - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

Within our Amazon sponsored products management, there are automatic and manual ad campaigns. Within automatic and manual campaigns, there are both keyword-based ads and product attribution targets. In the beginning of our Amazon advertising services, we’ll set you up with an automatic sponsored ad campaign. We then can use those results to determine how we make adjustments with a manual ad campaign. Your keyword-based sponsored ads include broad matches, exact matches and phrase matching. To execute this properly, you can’t just throw darts. We use our experience, tools and tried-and-true tactics to ensure you get the most ROI.

From Setup to Sundown, We Handle All Your Amazon Listing Optimization

When you partner with SalePilot, an Amazon Marketing Agency, to manage and optimize your Amazon listings, you can expect the following:

Seller Account Setup

Our Amazon PPC Advertising company will set up your account, enter your products and set up your inbound shipping plan. Then our Amazon PPC Advertising agency makes sure your account is ready to start selling products.

Seller Brand Setup

We’ll register your brand with Amazon so you’re eligible for A+ branded content. Additionally, your trademarked product will be protected.

Amazon Account Audit

Our Amazon PPC Advertising company will review your existing account and provide feedback and a new strategy based on how you're ranking. We offer new keyword ideas, clean up, optimize current listings, update categories and fix all errors.

Competitor Research

With access to proprietary state-of-the-art keyword research tools, we'll be able to better understand your competitors’ BSR Amazon ranking strategy. Our Amazon PPC Advertising agency can also find product gaps and opportunities and give MSRP price recommendations.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Our Amazon PPC Advertising agency will write unique product descriptions, optimized titles and content that encourages shoppers to buy. We'll also add high-quality photos and videos to your Amazon optimized listings.

Amazon Review Strategies

Experts with years of Amazon selling experience will design a five-star review strategy to get you over the initial “no-review” threshold.

Ongoing Optimizations

We will continue to find keyword opportunities, increase the number of reviews for each product and optimize price, headlines and product descriptions. This process is dynamic and will be ongoing until it is perfect!

Amazon PPC Services

Our Amazon advertising PPC specialists will manage and continue to improve the performance of your Amazon sponsored ads. You will get buyers from automatic, manual and social sources with high ROI and low ACoS.

Buy Box Management

Not everyone on Amazon has your brand’s success in mind. Leeches may try to hijack your products and steal your rankings. Our Amazon PPC Advertising agency knows how to handle them and you can be assured your brand’s exclusivity will be protected. We specialize in Amazon leech removal.


We focus on bringing value and solve business main challenges

When launching a digital marketing campaign, you don’t want just another cookiecutter marketing agency—you want a dedicated partner. This is the kind of client experience we strive to deliver at SalePilot Digital Marketing Agency.

Bylined Article Opportunities Lead to New Business – SalePilot Marketing & PR

Bylined Article Opportunities Lead to New Business – SalePilot Marketing & PR


Client: A premier business, financial restructuring and litigation firm Challenge: SalePilot began working with an attorney who wasn’t actively marketing his practice. He expressed doubt that putting time and resources...

Newsletter Campaign Raises Top-of-Mind Awareness Among Referral Sources – SalePilot Marketing & PR

Newsletter Campaign Raises Top-of-Mind Awareness Among Referral Sources – SalePilot Marketing & PR


Client: A Los Angeles-based plaintiff’s trial law firm Challenge: A Los Angeles-based plaintiff’s trial law firm that regularly partners and co-counsels with attorneys throughout the state, wanted to further enhance...

Comprehensive PR Campaign Leads to New Cases for Law Firm – SalePilot Marketing & PR


Client: Los Angeles-based plaintiff’s trial law firm Challenge: The firm was filing back-to-back negligence and wrongful death lawsuits the week of Thanksgiving against utility companies on behalf of victims and surviving families of the devastating California wildfires. Work: When we obtained...

Multiple-Location Dermatology Practice Group - Salepilot Internet Marketing Agency

Multiple-Location Dermatology Practice Group


Project Overview After the successful execution of the local optimization strategy, there was a 52 percent increase in the site’s monthly traffic, a 191 percent boost in monthly leads and...

Multiple-Location Orthodontic Practice Group | Digital Marketing Projects

Multiple-Location Orthodontic Practice Group | Digital Marketing Projects


Project Overview Through a solid on-page optimization and strategic link building strategy, SalePilot was able to boost the client’s ranking for the top-performing keywords, including “affordable braces,” “braces,” “Invisalign,” “orthodontics”...

Multiple-Location Orthopedic Practice Group | Digital Marketing Projects

Multiple-Location Orthopedic Practice Group | Digital Marketing Projects


Project Overview SalePilot’s robust lead generation strategy and paid search marketing campaign has helped the client drive phone calls and appointment bookings from high-intent searchers. Our SEO campaign has generated the...


Our Amazing Clients

Amazon Sponsored Brands Management

Once you’ve established yourself on Amazon, the next step in our Amazon advertising services is to promote your brand. Amazon sponsored brands help you grow your brand awareness with ads that appear in search results. You can use custom messaging — including your brand logo — to display your products the way you want them seen.

Your products will be pushed without any competitors in an effort to promote your brand. As mentioned above, sponsored products ads are phase two for your Amazon strategy. Amazon sponsored brands ads would be phase three. The timing and execution of Amazon sponsored brands ads can make the difference in turning a one-time customer into a lifelong consumer of your products.

A new company on Amazon wouldn’t want to use sponsored brands ads right away. Over time, however, you will need to use Amazon branded advertising (especially prior to the holidays) to help customers get more familiar with your offerings and promote product loyalty.

Our Amazon PPC experts can help customers — whether new or existing — set realistic expectations with their Amazon advertising campaigns. As part of our Amazon PPC management, we put together strategic marketing plans to achieve those goals. In the process of execution, we also adjust strategies based on data and analytics to achieve or exceed your expectations. We work side by side with you to ensure we’re aligned with your unique business needs.

Amazon Product Display Ads

Our PPC and Social Medial Specialists Add Value to Your Marketing Budget

SalePilot not only helps you with your internal Amazon advertising options (as mentioned above), but we also assist clients with external options such as Amazon product display ads.

As part of our Amazon PPC agency options, we often work with ecommerce clients to set up advertising campaigns using Google Ads, Bing or YouTube or through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We have dozens of PPC advertising experts and social media advertising specialists at SalePilot who specialize in advertising campaigns and work closely with our Amazon team of experts to ensure you produce the most effective ads that get the most conversions and return on investment.

Amazon Ppc Service

We can help you run coupon ads or opt-in campaigns for percentages off to help generate more Amazon sales. We’re proficient at using Facebook Messenger ads, which are quickly growing in popularity because they start message-based conversations with potential customers that are viewed as more personal and therefore have higher conversion rates. As part of our Amazon PPC management, we also can help you set up and execute email campaigns offering products to existing customers. In the end, this after-sale process can help you double your customer value for that person.

We help you set a marketing budget that best allocates your resources for internal and external advertising options. While driving sales to Amazon is the most profitable and newest way to advance online, selling products or services on the Internet is not new. And SalePilot has years of experience delivering high ROI and low ACoS.

Also, be sure to ask us about the new Amazon Attribution model that allows brands to measure the impact of display ads, search, and video channels based on how consumers discover, research, and buy their products. We help you utilize sales impact analysis across non-Amazon media channels that will help you identify where your leads originate that allow you to adjust your advertising budget accordingly. This is a big advantage in helping you maximize your marketing budget.

TopSEOs Named SalePilot The Number One Amazon PPC Advertising Company In The Country In April 2019.

To see more of the awards we’ve won from TopSEOs, check out our profile. Ready to work on getting more sales on Amazon through an expert Amazon PPC Advertising campaign?

Amazon Ppc Services - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

Amazon Video Ads

Grab the Attention of Mobile Buyers to Increase Engagement and Sales

To run a successful ecommerce business you must cater to mobile users. Your digital marketing strategy must include ways to reach people thumbing through web pages on their cell phones. You need a way to catch mobile buyers’ attention and then keep it. Nothing attracts customers and keeps them engaged better than video ads. This is even more vital in trying to appeal to a younger audience.

Our Amazon marketing agency helps you identify your target audience and shows you how video ads can best deliver the highest ROI. We work with you to create the most effective video ads and what your offers should be to drive the most people from videos to sales on Amazon.

Amazon Ppc Services - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

Our Amazon experts can save you a lot of time, expense and frustration by producing high-quality photographs of your products and complementary lifestyle images that will spur sales and brand recognition. Photographing your products can really halt your progress, but we have an in-house photography team as well as external vendor options to deliver high-resolution, optimized images in a timely fashion. We know the requirements to make your images standout to all Amazon buyers.

We also have in-house videographers who write content and produce, shoot and edit your videos that can be used on Amazon. Our Amazon PPC management team also can produce high-quality YouTube videos that can be used as an Amazon sales tool.

Once you complete Amazon brand registry, you can take advantage of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content that’s commonly referred to as A+ content. This content includes the use of those high-quality images and videos. We also help you enhance your product descriptions.

What do our Amazon listing optimization services include?

Our Amazon PPC Advertising listing optimization services include:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Product listing audit and analysis report
  • Keyword research
  • Product listing optimization
  • In-stock rate, perfect order percentage, and order defect rate monitoring
  • Monthly reporting
  • Ongoing product listing optimizations
  • And more

Keep reading to learn more!

Dedicated Amazon marketing specialist

We feature a team of more than 300 Amazon PPC Advertising consultants, and when you partner with our Amazon PPC Advertising company, you receive a hands-on and dedicated specialist for your account. They work with you one-on-one to develop a competitive and data-driven Amazon PPC Advertising strategy.

In-depth keyword research

With the machine learning power of ContentGeniusFX — our proprietary and exclusive client software — your specialist finds relevant, high-value keywords for your products. In total, your Amazon PPC Advertising expert compiles a list of 25 to 50 keywords per product.

Category and subcategory optimization

For your products to rank in search results on Amazon, as well as on Google, they need to have the proper categorization. That’s why your dedicated Amazon PPC Advertising specialist researches and optimizes your product for the most relevant and valuable category and sub-category.

Professional copywriting

As a part of our add-on copywriting services, we create original, on-brand, and descriptive product copy that improves your online visibility and offers value to shoppers. If needed, we can also build a copy for your Amazon Store, maximizing the experience of users.

Product photography

We maximize the results of your Amazon PPC Advertising strategy by optimizing your product photos. If needed, our team can also arrange photography for your products, ensuring you meet Amazon’s image standards and provide shoppers with the best view of your product.

Inventory monitoring

For the best results from your Amazon PPC Advertising strategy, you must have unparalleled inventory management. That is why our Amazon PPC Advertising services include in-stock, perfect order, and order defect rate monitoring. If we notice a decrease in performance or inventory, our team notifies you.

Competitor analysis

Our Amazon optimization services also include an in-depth competitor analysis. YourAmazon PPC Advertising specialist evaluates your direct competitors on Amazon each quarter. Their findings help enhance your strategy, leading to better sales and better results from our Amazon ranking services.

User engagement analysis

We understand that Amazon PPC Advertising is more than increasing your online visibility. It’s also about improving users’ engagement with your product listing, whether by viewing your product, adding it to their cart, or purchasing it. That is why our team analyzes the user engagement and attention with your listings.

Monthly reporting

For maximum transparency, we provide monthly reporting as a part of our Amazon ranking services. With this data, your team can see your investment at work — and how it’s improving your bottom line.

FBA support

We’re more than an Amazon PPC Advertising company — we’re also a partner to your business. That is why we’ve included Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) support with our Amazon listing optimization services. With the support of our team, we can help you make the most of FBA.

Ready to learn more about our Amazon PPC Advertising services? Contact us online to tell us about your business and products or to speak with one of our award-winning Amazon PPC Advertising consultants and receive a free quote!

How do our Amazon PPC Advertising services work?

You know what our Amazon optimization services include, but how do they work? Get an inside look at how our Amazon optimization services, as well as dedicated account managers, collaborate and coordinate with your team to create and optimize your product listings to drive sales.

1. Account audit

For the best results, our experienced account managers audit your Amazon account. They look at your product listings, keyword targeting, and rankings to review your Amazon PPC Advertising strategy and discover growth opportunities.

Your account manager will also chat with your team to learn about your existing strategy and goals for Amazon.com. With your feedback, they can build a competitive plan tailored to your short- and long-term goals.

If you don’t have an Amazon account yet, your account manager will meet with your team, whether via a video call, phone call, or in-person. This meet-up helps your account manager establish a roadmap for creating your store, uploading your products, and more.

2. Competitor analysis

Next, our Amazon optimization services investigate your competitors on Amazon.com.

As a part of your account manager’s research, they look at your competition’s keyword targeting, product features, unique offers, and product optimization. Using their findings, your account manager can tailor your strategy to compete (and beat) your top competitors in Amazon search results and sales.

3. Strategy development

Following your account manager’s account audit and competitor analysis, they can start creating your Amazon PPC Advertising strategy. Several factors contribute to your plan, including your goals and the number of products.

If you’re looking to drive more sales for top-selling products, for example, your account manager will likely focus on product optimization for those goods. Or, if you want to start shipping slow-moving inventory, their strategy may revolve around optimizing those listings.

Either way, your dedicated Amazon PPC Advertising expert will present their strategy to your team for review.

4. Keyword research

Next, your dedicated account manager begins researching keywords for your Amazon PPC Advertising strategy. They focus on finding relevant and high-value keywords that describe your products and represent a transactional or ready-to-buy search intent.

As a part of our Amazon optimization services, we also try to find low-competition keywords. With less competition, your company’s products can earn a higher spot in Amazon search results and avoid fierce competition from larger brands, like Amazon.

5. Listing creation

If you’re looking to start or expand your Amazon Store, our Amazon PPC Advertising listing optimization services include adding products. Your dedicated account manager will create and optimize your listing according to Amazon best practices, plus coordinate with a trusted third-party vendor (if needed) for product photos.

6. Product optimization

Finally, your dedicated account manager optimizes your product listings, which includes:

  • Incorporating relevant keywords into product titles and descriptions
  • Ensuring product images match Amazon.com guidelines and recommendations
  • Choosing relevant categories and subcategories for products
  • And more

With these optimizations, your company can start improving the visibility of your products in Amazon search results, as well as their usefulness to shoppers. These changes can lead to more sales and revenue for your business.

7. Logistics monitoring

Amazon’s algorithm relies on more than keywords — it also uses factors specific to product inventory and order fulfillment. That’s why our Amazon PPC Advertising services include in-stock rate monitoring, FBA support, order defect rate monitoring, and perfect order percentage monitoring.

With this service feature, your dedicated account manager can help and support your team as you fulfill orders, restock products, and more. For the best results with Amazon PPC Advertising, companies must optimize their listings and logistics.

8. Monthly reporting

As a part of your Amazon optimization services, your dedicated account manager will create a monthly report for your team. This report makes it easy for your business (and company leaders) to check in and follows your Amazon PPC Advertising progress.

Your account manager will review your report with you one-on-one. If you have questions, it’s the perfect time to ask your account manager. You can also ask for report changes or improvements to make it even more valuable for you and your team.

9. Ongoing optimizations

For the best results, ongoing Amazon optimization is a must.

That’s why our Amazon ranking services focus on continuous product optimization, whether by finding new keywords, tweaking product features, or adding brand-new products to your store. With ongoing optimization, your business can continue to earn new customers and more sales.

7 benefits of working with SalePilot for Amazon PPC Advertising services

Partnering with SalePilot for Amazon PPC Advertising services offers several advantages, including:

  1. Getting initial and ongoing product listing optimizations to drive continuous sales
  2. Finding and targeting keywords that offer the best return when it comes to driving sales
  3. Getting optimized copy for your product listing, written by a seasoned copywriter
  4. Receiving regular reports to show the impact and return of Amazon optimization services
  5. Getting routine insight into competitor keyword and pricing strategies
  6. Working with a dedicated Amazon PPC Advertising expert to build and manage your Amazon PPC Advertising strategy
  7. Obtaining real, measurable results from Amazon PPC Advertising, like higher rankings and sales

Why choose SalePilot for Amazon PPC Advertising services?

With more than $2.4 billion generated in client revenue, we’ve been the trusted choice of eCommerce companies for decades. Learn more about why businesses choose SalePilot for Amazon PPC Advertising services:

Data-driven strategies

SalePilot stands apart from other Amazon PPC Advertising service providers by featuring a data-driven approach to Amazon PPC Advertising. With decades of proprietary data and the best software, like ContentGenuisFX, we can develop data-backed strategies that increase your product orders and revenue.

Transparent prices

We believe in transparency, which is why our prices are available online all day, every day. Whether you want to view them now or later, you can — and without the hassle of fielding information requests. Even if you request a custom quote for our Amazon optimization services, our team explains every feature.

Personalized approach

A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the SalePilot standard. We believe in tailored approaches for all our services. Whether you’re looking into our Amazon optimization services, Amazon Store services, or Amazon PPC services, you can trust your dedicated account manager to tailor it to your business.

Unmatched client satisfaction

With more than 579 testimonials and dozens of awards, we mean it when we say your satisfaction matters to us — and that shows in our client retention rate of more than 90 percent. With SalePilot, you have a lasting partner for your Amazon PPC Advertising strategy.

Measurable results

At SalePilot, our commitment to transparency extends to not only our prices but our results. Whether you’re browsing our portfolio or client metrics, you can see the numbers we drive for our clients, whether it’s conversions or organic search traffic.

Decades of experience

Our passion for digital marketing started more than two decades ago. Since then, we’ve become a leader in the market due to our tenacity, drive, and data. With SalePilot on your side — as well as some of the industry’s best digital strategists — you’ll succeed in the Amazon marketplace.

Confident that SalePilot is the best Amazon PPC Advertising agency for your business? Contact us online today to get started on your strategy to chat with an experienced strategist about our Amazon PPC Advertising optimization services.

7 reasons companies invest in Amazon PPC Advertising services

With Amazon dominating the online marketplace, it makes sense for businesses to use the platform. Why partner with an Amazon PPC Advertising company, though? Because SalePilot can optimize your products to generate more revenue, leads, and market dominance.

For a better perspective, here are the seven biggest benefits of our Amazon PPC Advertising services:

1. Improve your Amazon ranking

If you’re new to the Amazon marketplace, you’ll probably notice it’s a challenge to earn a high sales ranking — which is your product’s ranking in Amazon search results. Like search results on Google, as well as Bing and Yahoo, a high ranking often correlates to more clicks and conversions.

For example, search results in the first position on Google earn 33 percent of all search traffic.

Our team applies search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve your Amazon ranking. That means we’re researching high-volume, low-competition search queries on Amazon and incorporating them into your product page to increase its ranking.

We prioritize the user experience, though. That’s why we create product content that emphasizes readability and quality, as well as your brand voice. It’s natural and connects with shoppers, encouraging them to choose your company and product.

With pay-per-click (PPC) services on Amazon, we can also help your product gain immediate exposure to complement your SEO strategy. Like traditional PPC ads, you only pay when a shopper clicks on your listing.

2. Earn your product’s Buy Box

A priority for every Amazon seller is the Buy Box. The Buy Box is a feature on every Amazon product listing. When a user clicks, “Add to Cart,” Amazon automatically adds the product that occupies the Buy Box.

If your product doesn’t have the Buy Box, you depend on shoppers to take the extra step of comparing sellers through the “Other Sellers on Amazon” option. The risk of that, however, is that consumers will compare your product’s price and shipping costs against every other listing.

They’ll also see your Seller information, which lets them compare your overall rating to everyone else.

At SalePilot, we help your company earn that Buy Box with our Amazon listing optimization services.

That helps you generate more sales and profits, plus expand your consumer base. Our team will also make sure your Amazon Seller Business account is eligible for the Buy Box, which depends on several factors, including your account type.

3. Increase your revenue

With more consumers choosing Amazon for their shopping, it’s become a hub for spending. Studies show that Amazon Prime members spend more than $1,000 per year at the eCommerce website — shoppers without a membership spend around $600 each year.

By starting an Amazon Business Seller account, you’re providing your company the chance to earn a portion of that spending. For perspective, Amazon boasts more than 100 million Amazon Prime members.

We’re passionate about driving results at SalePilot.

That is why we use performance-driven strategies to improve your revenue on Amazon. By researching your audience, industry, company, and products, we create a customizedAmazon PPC Advertising strategy for achieving your profit benchmarks for this quarter and next.

4. Optimize your team’s productivity

No matter how many products you sell on Amazon, it requires time and dedication to manage your inventory, orders, and listings. That cuts into your team’s time, which may lead to setbacks in other areas.

At SalePilot, we’re more than a partner — we’re an extension of your team. That means we dedicate ourselves to your success, which is why we’ll take the extra steps to maximize your Amazon revenue, instead of settling for “good enough.”

That gives you peace of mind. Plus, it gives your team a more manageable workload, which can boost productivity and generate even better results for your company, helping you grow and become one of the best places to work.

5. Maximize your brand awareness

In most instances, you want to generate not only sales for your business but also brand awareness. Amazon listing optimization services let you expose shoppers to your products, as well as to your brand. That can help your company become somewhat independent of Amazon.

Instead of earning 90 percent of your sales from Amazon, for instance, you may build enough brand awareness that consumers start purchasing items from your website. That can help you balance out your revenue channels.

With more than 20 years of experience in building brand awareness, such as through social media marketingemail marketing, web design, and several other digital marketing services, we understand the value of brand awareness — and how to improve it.

6. Grow your website traffic

Diversifying your revenue channels is an asset, which is why our team helps you succeed on Amazon and elsewhere with our digital marketing services. By helping your company become a juggernaut on Amazon, as well as building your brand awareness, we help you earn valuable website traffic.

That lets you generate revenue — and maybe even leads — from your website.

7. Become an industry leader

With an increased sales ranking on Amazon, as well as the occupancy of your products’ Buy Boxes, you can quickly become a recognized name among consumers — especially if you’re working with respected businesses in your industry.

As an industry leader, your company has an immense opportunity to grow. Our team can help you too, providing additional digital marketing services that let your business go beyond Amazon and to other channels.

If you browse our portfolio, as well as testimonials, you can see the change we bring to companies. Our partnership with Ceramcor, an eCommerce store for ceramic kitchenware, for instance, led to annual revenues increasing by 85 percent due to our SEO and web design services.

Earn more revenue with Amazon PPC Advertising services from SalePilot

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