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Reach Your Revenue Targets With Paid Media Solutions

PPC Marketing Solutions for Akron Businesses

Full-Service Akron PPC Marketing Agency

SalePilot Internet Marketing Agency is a pay-per-click (PPC) company in Akron, Ohio. We successfully convert your prospective customers through advanced targeting methods.

SalePilot has been a leader in the Akron PPC marketing space since 2005. Our Akron PPC company boosts results for businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries through strategic paid ads. We craft the right pay-per-click marketing approach for your business goals and bring your solutions in front of your target audience.

We work with any media budget to create high-performing ad campaigns centered on driving maximum return on investment (ROI) for your business.

About SalePilot Akron PPC Marketing Agency

When you’re looking for a trusted PPC marketing partner in Akron, SalePilot is your business’s premier choice. We are a full-service marketing agency that offers local SEO marketing, reputation management, paid advertising, and social media marketing, all under one roof.

Our Akron PPC marketing consultants have served small businesses and franchise locations from many industries, including restaurants, retail, medical and automotive. Find us throughout the greater Akron-Canton area, including Kent, Cuyahoga Falls, Wadsworth, and more. Give us a call to speak to a digital marketing consultant today!

Akron PPC Marketing Services

Push Your Brand to the Next Level With Powerful Campaigns


Show up first in search results with our Akron PPC services. We improve your paid advertising search visibility with a targeted search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Our PPC agency in Akron conducts in-depth keyword research and competitive analysis to determine a keyword strategy that gets your business noticed.


Our Akron PPC experts ensure your ads attract your audience and that your landing pages convert them. We create landing pages designed to persuade your potential customer with your unique selling proposition (USP). Our pay-per-click marketing experts use text, images and videos to pique your audience’s interest.


We take on the task of handling your ad campaigns and ad groups on your cross-channel pay-per-click management strategy. Our Akron PPC company makes optimization our top priority and strategizes to get the lowest cost-per-click (CPC) on your ads. We continuously monitor your ad performance and make improvements.


It’s essential to our PPC agency in Akron to keep your advertising cost of sales to a minimum. We create a multi-channel paid strategy centered on profitable ads and achieving faster ROI. Our Akron PPC services are specialized for your eCommerce business through boosted listings and sponsored posts.


Our Akron PPC company always puts your best foot forward, and the same is true for our ad strategy. We test different versions of your ads side-by-side and compare them to find the best-performing headlines, copies and creatives. One vital way we commit to maximizing your ROI is through continuous and data-driven A/B tests.


Behind our successful results-driven campaigns are conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques. We eliminate friction across your entire digital strategy, including ads, landing pages and your web design, to bring your audience closer to the sale. Our pay-per-click marketing services include a specialized approach to eCommerce optimization.


Our Akron PPC company uses social media for its fresh take on advertising using influencers and brand ambassadors. We take a subtler approach and leverage your platforms’ daily users to build relationships with your online followers. Our pay-per-click management team tailors your ad formats to what suits your social channels.


We want your brand to have a robust presence on the top PPC channels. Our expertise in Google and Bing ads enables us to craft winning CPC bidding strategies and optimize your pay-per-click management execution. Our Akron PPC experts ensure your calls-to-action (CTAs) are of value to your target audience.


Our Akron PPC company boosts your local search engine rankings through Nextdoor’s advertising platform. We use its hyperlocal targeting capacity to reach your community and location-based audiences and make your brand known. We also make use of online reputation management tools to strengthen your customer reviews and improve your local presence.


We focus on bringing value and solve business main challenges

When launching a digital marketing campaign, you don’t want just another cookiecutter marketing agency—you want a dedicated partner. This is the kind of client experience we strive to deliver at SalePilot Digital Marketing Agency.

Multiple-Location Residential Foundation Repair Company

Multiple-Location Residential Foundation Repair Company


Project Overview This multiple-location residential foundation repair company has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for several years now. The firm services more than 2,900 structures in the DFW metroplex...

Real Estate Agency Social Media Case Study

Real Estate Agency Social Media Case Study

Real Estate

Using social media to acquire qualified leads in the real estate & rental market The real estate agency’s goal was attain more qualified leads for buying and renting within their...

Seismic Audio - Salepilot Internet Marketing Agency

Seismic Audio


Project Overview Through integrated Amazon advertising and SEO campaigns, SalePilot was able to increase the client’s average sales volume from 14,548 total units ordered in December 2019 to 18,031 total...


Our Amazing Clients

Why Choose SalePilot As Your Akron PPC Company

Improve Conversion Rates With Superior Ad Targeting

Today it isn’t enough to work with just any Akron PPC marketing firm; you want to ensure that you partner with a company that will not only take the time to listen about your business goals and message but also help to drive desired results so that your business sees the greatest return on marketing investment.

SalePilot’s pay-per-click management team implements superior targeting strategies to reach your ideal customer. We continuously optimize your campaigns and reallocate funds to what we know is working while you work on your core business. Our Akron PPC experts create offers and promotions designed to catch your target audience’s attention.

Here are some more reasons you should partner with SalePilot’s PPC agency in Akron:


Our Akron PPC agency puts your business goals first, and we prioritize the PPC objectives that get us there. At SalePilot, we’ve seen much success through our commitment to 100 percent client satisfaction and delivering long-term results. We build relationships with our clients because we believe your success is ours.

We Always Optimize

We value your investment in us and implement the best optimization practices to stay on track to achieve maximum ROI. Our Akron PPC experts study your campaign data and make calculated adjustments to improve your pay-per-click strategy. At SalePilot, we work with any ad budget and make every penny count.

Digital Marketing Experts

Our top-of-the-line pay-per-click marketing strategies are made possible by our extensive background in Akron PPC marketing. We implement the best SEO practices to establish your site for organic traffic and boost your results with paid ads. Trust us to take a holistic approach to growing your business.

Superior Analytics

All our Akron PPC services are properly tracked because we value measurable results. We put the top analytics and tracking tools in place and create data-driven strategies that improve your paid ad performance. We continuously optimize your campaigns to identify weak spots and stay alert for the right opportunities to boost your brand presence.

Transparent Reports

At SalePilot, we value integrity and complete transparency in everything we do. We quantify our impact by monitoring your campaign performance and share the data with you through an online dashboard. We let our positive results speak for themselves and share focused reports on our Akron PPC services.

Dedicated Specialists

We assign you a dedicated PPC specialist to stay on top of your business goals and to be available for questions and requests. At SalePilot, our entire team dedicates to driving positive results for your brand and we want you to feel we value your business. Trust our PPC experts to update you regularly and explain your campaign performance.

SalePilot Named 2020 Top PPC Agency in Akron by Clutch

Clutch, a leading B2B market research, and reviews company, named SalePilot a 2021 top agency in Akron in the following categories:

  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • SEO Agency
  • PPC Agency
  • Social Media Agency
  • Web Design Agency

Agencies are chosen for this distinction based on several factors, including overall market presence and, most importantly, client feedback. SalePilot has a 5.0 rating on Clutch. 

Akron Ppc Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency
Akron Ppc Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

SalePilot Named 2021 National Excellence Award Winner in Akron by UpCity

UpCity is an online marketplace that helps businesses find B2B service providers they can trust. UpCity’s National Excellence Award winners are selected based on the UpCity Recommendability Rating, a proprietary algorithm that measures a provider’s credibility, recommend ability, and reputation based on digital signals.

“The strength of our marketplace is built on the credibility of truly excellent providers like SalePilot Internet Marketing,” said Dan Olson, CEO of UpCity. “We are pleased to honor SalePilot with a National Excellence Award in Akron.” 

SalePilot has a 5.0 rating on UpCity.

Akron Ppc Agency - Salepilot Digital Marketing Agency

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